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Updated January 13, 2002

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Aurora in Manitoba Province. Northern Manitoba Province is an excellent location to observe the northern lights. It is also one of the few places in North America where one can take a paved road at highway speeds to many sites in the far north. From Winnipeg, a several hour trek north on Route 6 places an observer in pristine skies and wild backcountry. Why bother taking one of those expensive Baffin Island trips, when you can cheap out by driving to Manitoba, crashing in your vehicle and eating canned food?

Aurora in Manitoba - Aurora is seen almost every night in this part of the country. This photograph was taken by Steve Fishman of CVAS in September 1992 near the 54th north latitude. Glow from the aurora can be seen in the face of his traveling companion, Joe Manacci, in the windows of his van. 

Aurora in Manitoba. This photo and the next 2 are examples of the various shapes and colors that aurora can take. All aurora photos on this page were taken by Steve with a 35 mm camera using lenses ranging from 24 to 50 mm. Exposure times ranged from 15 to 60 seconds. 

Aurora in Manitoba

Aurora in Manitoba.

Aurora in Manitoba. Here's an overhead view. 

Aurora in Manitoba. Another overhead view. It has the same effect as looking down a railroad track where the tracks appear to converge far down the horizon. In this view the auroral rays converge over 50 to 70 miles (80-110 kilometers) over our observing site. 


Aurora in Manitoba. Our campsite about 200 miles north of Winnipeg. Broadcast TV and radio is nonexistent in many areas of northern Manitoba, so satellite is the best way to keep up on the weather and news. Steve from CVAS, Mike and Joe from the Black River club (near Lorain, Ohio) and friend Rich hang out in front of "Motel Manitoba" getting ready for another night of aurora observing. 

Aurora in Manitoba. After a busy night of observing aurora and watching satellite TV, we cook a hot meal of freshly caught pike and onions at the local dump. A bear decides to visit our kitchen while Steve offers it our dinner scraps.

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora