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The Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
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The Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society was founded in 1963 for the purposes of increasing the astronomical knowledge and technique of our members and for public service in our community. Our goals are promotion of public education in astronomy, the continuation of useful research, and the preservation of unpolluted skies for future use of both the astronomer and the general public. We are located in Northeast Ohio just east of Cleveland


Membership is open to all persons, twelve years of age or older with an interest in and a commitment to the study of astronomy. Dues are $48.00 a year. Use of the observatory and quarterly newsletter, The Valley Skywatcher, are a privilege of membership.  For information about joining CVAS, directions to the observatory or about our star parties, contact me at

Meeting Schedule

From November through April, monthly business meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of every month at Sunnybrook Preserve, a Geauga County Metropark (this link opens to Park District website.) Meeting time begins at 7:30 PM. . We will also have an observing session if the skies are clear.

From May through October, monthly business meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of every month at Indian Hill Observatory (this link opens to a Google map of the observatory location). Meeting time begins at 8 PM - May through August, 7:30 PM in September and at 7 PM in October. A brief discussion session and observing are after the meeting.

Members are available 30 minutes before each meeting to discuss astronomy related questions with the public and prospective members.

For much more information about CVAS, this link will open in a new window to a 5 page FAQ.

 Clear Sky Clock - Click on the icon at the left for a prediction of sky conditions in the immediate area of our observatory.
Special Photos & Research:
LX 200 Operating Manual
Comet McNaught-Jan 2007

Saturn Moon Eclipse

Jupiter & Moons Animation
by CVAS member Joe Petrick


The Stokes 16" Reflector at
our Indian Hill Observatory

The Stokes 16 Inch Reflector at Indian Hill Observatory

For questions, directions to the observatory, or any information about CVAS,
e-mail the web site developer Steve or our Director of Observations Bob.