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Updated April 25, 2008

Come on in and enjoy the photos taken by CVAS members. The first link, added in November 2003, are photos taken by various club
members, with the telescopes and CCD cameras owned by the Chagrin Valley club at Indian Hill Observatory.  

The next 6 links are pages dedicated to specific member's photos,
while the remaining links are dedicated to specific types of
astronomical phenomena (aurora, eclipses, etc.) taken by
various other members.

Observatory Photos

Indian Hill Photos

Pictures taken with our 16 and 12 inch telescopes.

                                                                                               Members Photos Section

Lagoon and Trifid Nebula by Jim Brownfield

Jim Brownfield traveled to various parts of the U.S. to observe and photograph deep sky objects. Most of these photos are from a trip to southern Texas, near Big Bend National Park.  On April 12, 2005, Jim passed away suddenly. Jim was an accomplished observer and astrophotographer. These photos are a legacy to his memory.

M51 Galaxy by Joe Petrick

Joe Petrick photographs objects from him backyard using a CCD camera attached to a 12 inch Meade telescope.

See Joe's personal web page for additional photographs.

Rosette Nebula by Mike Leitch

Mike Leitch's photos were taken by using the 8 inch f/4 Schmidt camera that is attached to our 16 inch telescope. 

Bubble Nebula by Jeff Rzepka

Jeff Rzepka joined CVAS in late 1999 and is a budding photographer with CCD imaging. For a relative beginner, he is producing some great work. 

See Jeff's personal web page for additional photographs. 

M42 By Marti Niemi

Marty Niemi has been a member of CVAS since 1996 and helped computerize the observatory telescope. He recently added additional components to turn it into a Goto scope. These 4 photos by Marty are just a small sample of what he's done using a Genesis CCD camera and 10" Schmidt telescope. 

See Marty's personal web page for additional photographs and astronomy links. 


The Pelican Nebula By Bob Rickert

Bob Rickert joined CVAS in early 2002.   These new guys keep pushing the envelope. Great pictures taken with an AP130 Refractor and ST8 CCD camera.  The Pelican Nebula at the left was published in the January 2003 issue of Sky and Telescope.

Other Astronomy Photos Section

July 11, 1991 Total Solar Eclipse by Steve Fishman


Pictures from the July 11, 1991 Total Solar Eclipse
. Taken from the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

Hale-Bopp by Mark Pogany


Back to back comets Hyakutake in 1996 and Hale-Bopp in 1997,
provided the world with the best comet viewing opportunity in many, many years. The photos on the following page were taken by CVAS members with a few contributions of friends and former members of the club. 

Northern Lights from Manitoba


Aurora Photos from Northeast Ohio and Manitoba
. Steve has traveled to northern Manitoba several times to photograph the northern lights. In addition, Mark has
taken several outstanding aurora photos from Northeast Ohio. 


The Moon, planets and various deep sky objects
photographed by CVAS members using slide film, negative film and CCD imaging. 

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora