Steve Kainec

Constellation and star identification
Finding DeepSky objects by Star hopping.
Using/Collimating Reflectors
Know some about making a Truss Tube Dobsonian
Viewing the Moon

Russ Swaney

LX200 scopes
CCD imaging.
Telescope Remote Control Software, Runs LX200 from home office

Larry Boros

Collimating Reflectors

Don Himes

Constellation and star identification
Finding DeepSky objects by Star hopping.
Tinker with machinery and create devices to drive and adjust telescopes to locate and track objects.
Visual variable star observing.  
Film astrophotography. This involves optical and mechanical alignment, composition, focus, guiding, film selection and analysis.
Videotaping occultations.
Enjoy public presentations with a view to hear and understand the guests questions and respond knowledgably.

John Gorka

Fighting Light Pollution

Chuck Story

Constellation and star identification
Finding DeepSky Objects.
Afocal imaging with a Nikon CP-4500, and Sony Mini DV Camcorder.
Computers and Software

Enrique C. Madronna Specializes in the Moon (member of ALPO - Lunar Section)
Digital/CCD Astrophotography with WebCams
Computer Hardware and Software (including computerized scopes and astronomical programming whether it is algorithms, ephemeris, etc.)
Newtonian Reflectors – Dobsonian and Equatorial mounts
Steve Fishman

Northern lights - Monitoring website and WWV for aurora potential
Photographing the northern lights.
Using the Indian Hill 16 inch Goto scope for deep-sky observing.

Bob Modic

CCD imaging and photometry
Visual observing of variable stars
Telescope making
Early retirement planning

Mike Leitch Specializes in film astrophotography
Equipment, filter, and film selection
Cameras and focusing bodies
Hypering color and B&W film
Developing B&W film
Purging camera bodies with nitrogen
Knife edge focusing and framing of targets
Scanning negatives and photoshop techniques
Bobby Weitzner Astrophotography
Computerized Telescope Operation
Dark Room Work - Developing Black & White Film

Updated 02/24/2005