Pictures from August 17, 2002 Star Party
With Hiram Scout Troop 751
Indian Hill Observatory
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Updated August 18, 2002

Special Photos:
November 2001 Aurora
November 18 Leonid Meteors 

Steve Kainec and Dan Rothstein observing the moon before the scouts arrive.  It was pretty clear at this point. 

But, a half hour later, the clouds started rolling in and it looked like the evening was going to be a bust. 

CVAS member Bob Rickert with his 5 inch Starfire and Joe Petricks' Astrovid camera and monitor observe the moon through the clouds, while Bob's daughter watches.

But, it started clearing by 9, and we got a good view of Venus on Joe's monitor. 

This is a 10 second exposure.   We're looking at the ring nebula on the monitor through Bob's scope.  Click on the picture to see a larger view of the moon with the constellation Sagittarius just to its left.  The Ring Nebula also shows up pretty good on the monitor.


Thank you from Hiram Brownie Troop 751.