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Update February 6, 2005

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

February 2005 Edition

Meeting called to order at 2:40 PM. 15 members present.

Officer Reports


Arrived late, so prior minutes not read. The January minutes are on-line.


Bank - $1,899.83, Petty Cash - $25.00, Electric Fund - $1,525.00 Total - $3,499.83.

1. Paid $17 phone bill.
2. Paid $146 to for quarterly insurance.

Observatory Director:

Not present, but following items were discussed:

The Right Ascension drive board on the 16 inch is broken. Marty will order a replacement part.

2. Marty has offered 1 on 1 sessions at Indian Hill for anyone interested in understanding detail operation of both telescopes.

Director of Observations:

For Bob's complete observation report, please visit the Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Observations for past month:

Comet Machholz was the only item reported at the meeting.


 Steve Kainec talked about putting the news letter on our new bulletin board instead of printing it.

Old Business:

Oberle Scope –  Dan discussed the last meeting with Geauga Park District.  Driveway will start in 2006.  Jack Smith expressed concern that  we might spend a lot of time and energy  helping  the Park
District  and neglect  club issues.  Bob Modic said that we are not spending much time with GPD.  Dan said that there is a basic understanding that CVAS would be running the Oberle Observatory for
public events.

Light Pollution– Larry is still working on the power point presentation for Smart People  - Dumb Lighting.    Larry spoke before council about new full cut off lighting on Heisley Road.

10 X 16 Roll off roof observatory (Jim Brownfield’s) will be transferred to Indian Hill this Spring.

New bulletin board is running on our website.  Steve Kainec talked about putting a news letter on the bulletin board instead of printing it.

We also added a 5 page FAQ to the website. It provides much more information to anyone wanting more information about the club.

Steve Fishman completed IRS Form 8734 and gave it to Dan Rothstein to check out the numbers. CVAS is in the 5th year of our 501c3 status and is required to file this form to continue our tax-exempt status.

Steve Fishman noted that he, Larry Boros, Vickie Ford and Dan Galdun are at week 5 of mentoring students at Mayfield Middle School for the science Olympiad. He requested assistance from other club members on February 23 and 24 when the school sets up the inflatable planetarium. He also mentioned that things got a little out control with the kids at the last session. Steve was by himself since Larry bugged out after setting up the entire solar system.

New Business:

Dan announced that A Jaegers and Company  in Lynbrook, New York, is advertising again.  Jaegers used to sell very reasonably priced lenses and other astronomical stuff.

The Rookery star party is next Friday, February 11th, with a back up on Saturday.

Next CVAS business meetings are here at Pen Glenn for March and April.

There will not be any star parties at Nassau this year. Their telescope is broken and Case Western Reserve University does not want to spend any money to fix the scope.  Instead we will rotate star parties to different county parks.  The parking situation will be better and all public will be invited instead of limiting attendance.

Black Forest Star Party will be on Labor Day Weekend at Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania.

There will also be a star party at Cherry Springs in June.

Holden Arboretum is tentatively scheduling a star party at the end of September. Probably the 30th, with an October 1 rain/cloud date.

We could hold a Messier Marathon in early April.  New Moon is on April 10.

Dan invited the Aurora Astronomy club to a tour of the Hill.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20.


1 visitor with an extensive knowledge and background of CCD imagery attended today's meeting.

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora