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Update January 2, 2005

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

January 2005 Edition

Meeting called to order at 2:40 PM. 10 members present.

Office Reports


Did not attend this meeting. The December minutes are on-line.


Bank - $1,997.83, Petty Cash - $53.00, Electric Fund - $1,500.00 Total - $3,550.83.

1. Paid $17 phone bill.
2. Paid $300 to Keith for the land. Balance is $7,500.

Observatory Director:

Not present but submitted the following report via e-mail.

As was mentioned to many of you, Jim Brownfield's 12X16 foot roll-off roof has been offered to the club for a nominal price. The building would have to be taken apart in sections and moved approximately 2 miles to the Hill. It could be reassembled as a storage building or as a roll-off roof Obs. Some discussion on whether this is the route we want to go versus building a new building and possible locations would be appropriate.

2. Joe Petrick and I have repaired the electronics on the club's 12 inch LX200 again. It is in my shop and appears to be running better than ever. Let's hope it stays that way for awhile. An adapter has been fabricated that attaches the scope, wedge and all, to a Losmandy tripod. I plan on moving the scope back up to the Hill in the spring and using this platform to do several adjustments to improve the pointing accuracy of the setup.

3.I was at the Hill yesterday (January 1) and it appears that both buildings stayed dry during the recent snow melt. Looks like the source of the water entering the Obs for the 16 has been stopped. There was over 24 inches of snow up there the previous week.

4.The Genesis CCD camera is back on the 6 inch AP after being purged with Argon and having the desiccant containers replaced. All the PC systems fired up without problem and both scopes are fully operational.

5. There is some concern as the shutter on the dome moves easily in one direction and has some difficulty going the other way. No explanation is easily seen. This needs to be checked out before the snow starts again. The club has also acquired a "Snow Rake". This is a 24 inch wide plastic blade that has removable aluminum handles to extend the reach to a bit over 16 feet. Perfect for pulling snow off of the dome shutter.

Director of Observations:

Bob did not attend the meeting, but provided us with a hand of his monthly report. For Bob's complete observations report, please visit the Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Observations for past month:

Comet Machholz was the only item reported at the meeting.


Did not attend the meeting. Next issue coming out in a couple of months.

Old Business:

Dan Rothstein will to go the Hill on January 3 to look at the pedestal for use by Kent State at the Geauga campus. They are building an obseravtory on their grounds.

Oberle Scope – A December 13 meeting was scheduled at West Woods, but we're not sure if it was held. That day was the 1st significant snowstorm this season.

Additional discussions about 1) Jim Brownfield's offer for his shed (see above), 2) proceeding with the electrin installation this spring now that we're close to raising our $2,000 goal and 3) grants for upgrading the observatory grounds, such as better potty facilities, water, other.

New Business:

Steve K. noted that several members have asked him how we let CVAS members if others will be at the observatory (primarily Friday/Saturday evenings). Suggestions, such as e-mail, an internet newsgroup or bulletin board were mentioned. A preliminary step would be to start with e-mail first. Steve Fishman will look at the bulletin board/newsgroup options using our website.

Dan Rothstein proposed installing a sundial on the south side of the 16" building. He will scope out a design and very cheap cost.

There was a discussion about having Q&A sessions at the meetings. Also, having members give presentations before, during or after the meetings. Nothing formal was decided. It was also suggested that we build and document a skills inventory of CVAS members interests and expertise. This would help other members know who to go to for assistance on specific areas of interest.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45.


2 visitors from Streetsboro attended. They asked to be put on an e-mail list to keep track of upcoming events.

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora