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Update July 6, 2004

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

July 2004 Edition


Bank - $1797.59, Petty Cash - $35.00, Total - $1,832.59

  1. Paid $18 phone bill.
  2. Paid Marty $138 for Dove Tail mount for the LX200 12".

Observatory Director:

  1. At a cost of $180, the 12" LX200 motherboard was sent out and given a good checkout. But when it was reinstalled, the telescope still did not function at all. Plans are to have all the electronics be sent out. Hopefully we can get some type of credit for the previous work. As of now, still can use the 12", it does have encoders installed, the PC will tell you where it is pointing, it just can't act as a "goto" telescope.
  2. The computer to the 16" telescope lost a comm port which prevent controlling the telescope. This has already been repaired by Marty.
  3. Still planning to do some work on the path leading up the hill from the field below.
  4. Hopefully before the weather turns bad, plans are to put in a couple of cement viewing pads on top of the hill.
  5. Now that the ground is dried out, Marty plans to try to find the problem with the electrical lines. There is probably some type of short in one of the lines that is under ground near the warm room.

Director of Observations:

For Bob's complete observations report, please visit the
Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Observations for past month:

Most of the talk centered around the June 8th transit of Venus across the face of the Sun.


No Report.

Old Business:

  1. Light Pollution - Larry Boros reported that he is still working on an article titled, "Smart People - Dumb Lighting".
  2. Dan Rothstein reported on the meeting with the Geauga Park board on the new installation for the 25" Oberle Telescope. Basically the only thing they did was to check the telescope out at it's current storage location. There was some talk at our meeting about having them replace the motors driving the gears with a better ones.
  3. The new starting time at Penitentiary Glen for the winters meetings is to be at 2:30PM. This is a ½ hour earlier than in past years.
  4. Dan Rothstein brought in what is left of the club's library, anyone is free to take what they want.
  5. Larry is to call CEI about getting our electrical line. Maybe there is something the can be done about the cost since we are a tax exempt organization.

New Business:

  1. Went over calendar and recent past events. Thanked everyone who help at our OTAA convention and setup telescopes at Mentor Headlands and Nassau. There are hot dogs left over from the convention, so plans are to have a cookout/beer bash at the next monthly meeting.
  2. Must make a decision soon on what to do with Denny Jefferson's 12" telescope that was given to us. The new cradle for it is about done. Take centered around having it be usable some where in the area south of the new parking area. Some ideas are to build an observatory down there or maybe just some type of small storage shed just for the telescope.
  3. Steve Mordarski obtained a copy of Dreamweaver web page publishing software for the club. This should enable Steve Fishman to easier maintain the club's web site and do more with it. Steve also paid an upgrade fee for our web site for the 1st year. This will give us more space, personalized e-mails, etc.



Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora