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Updated August 6, 2010

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

July 2010 Edition

The meeting was called to order by President Ian Cooper at 8:20 pm on July 10, 2010 at Indian Hill Observatory. 15 members was present.

Officer Reports


No report.


No report.


Larry stated that the June minutes were posted on the CVAS website. The June minutes were approved with no changes.


Steve read off the dues update by member.

Cash in Bank - $2,139.67. Petty Cash - $85.00, Total Cash - $2.234.67.
For the month we paid:

- telephone in the amount of $52.18
- electricity $25.81

Observatory Director:

Bob Modic replaced 2 of the railing posts in front of the 16 inch building. He was going to paint the posts this month.

Tom and Ken cut down the rest of the pine trees. Tom made up a couple of CVAS signs. We need to figure out where we want to put them out in front of the property. We need to get a stump grinder for the pine tree stumps that are left. Ken asked if we could get a stump grinder from Geauga Park District and Ian said he would inquire.


Dan is preparing the next issue of the Sky Watcher and it should be available for the next meeting or on the internet. Dan will include articles from George and Ron. Dan may write an article on the megalithic alignments in Ireland. Dan needs more articles.

Director of Observations:

Bob handed out the monthly sky calendar for July 2010 and discussed the events for the next month.

Venus will be a large crescent in July. Mercury will appear below Venus towards the end of the month. On the evening of the 27 th, Mercury will pass only 23 arc minutes from Regulus. Planet Mars is still hanging around will be up and to the left of Venus. It is pretty small at about 5 arc seconds but you might be able to see some dark markings through an 8 inch or larger scope. Saturn is above and to the left of Mars making a nice line right after dark. Saturn’s rings are still not very open and are rather edge on by about 2 or 3 degrees. Pluto is visible before midnight in Sagittarius.

For the complete report, please visit the Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Light Pollution Report

No update this month


Tim and Dave Mahoning were visitors who visited back in 1983 when the 16” was new.

Old Business:

  1. Ian mentioned that next weekend there is a Star Party on July 17 th. at the Solon Sportsman’s Club in Dorset for the Civil Air Patrol Squadron that Bruce is involved with. There will be about 25 cadets who are 12 to 18 years of age. They will be practicing with 22 rifles Saturday afternoon and will demonstrate a 50 caliber six shooter at dusk to get some pictures of the flames. Dorset is about five miles east of Jefferson.
  2. Discussion on Metroparks Super Star Party. August 14 th is the date for the Super Star Party. Ian will finalize the program with Becky and try to arrange to have John Gorka give a presentation on light pollution and beginning astronomy. Mahoning Valley’s star party is the same evening. Ian will send out an e-mail announcement.
  3. Observatory Park. Dan reported that the walls and floor are in. Pier is 48 x 48 inches in cross section and 64 inches high. The floors are about 8 inches thick. The building code requires the size of the pier because the hold down bolts have to be 8 inches away from the edges of the concrete. The mirror will be sent to Iowa City for a recoating. Larry is working to design mounts and timing pulleys for the encoders and servo drives for the Oberle mount. The system will include an Argo-Navis controller and ServoCat servo drives. Any computer with a planetarium software will be able to drive the telescope through this system. t.
  4. Star party at Munson was very good.

New Business:

  1. Before the meeting, Ian, Chris, and the boys went to Punderson for a rock and roll art festival. They are really pushing Observatory Park. The Geauga County Board Of Tourism has been getting calls from all over the country regarding Observatory Park. The Park District has raised about 1.5 million dollars for this facility. They need another million d.
  2. Neil Degrasse Tyson will be at the Cuyahoga county public library (Parma-South Branch) at 7335 Ridge Road, Parma, Ohio 44129 on September 21 st. They would like to have a star party that night.
  3. August 20th Cuyahoga County Board of Development and Disabilities in Beachwood would like to set up a daytime event. Ian volunteered his solar scope. Steve volunteered some slides from the Hubble space telescope. 3
  4. Phil Sherman is going to give a course to Lake Metro Parks on beginning astrophotography. Eight hour class with four hours during the day and four hours at night
  5. There is a Star party at Swine Creek next Friday.

Our next meeting is August 7 at Indian Hill Observatory at 8:00 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm. Skies were clear for observing.

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora