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Update June 8, 2004

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

June 2004 Edition


Bank - $1935.59, Petty Cash - $34.00, Total - $1,969.59

1. Paid $16 phone bill.

2. Paid $50 to renew club's membership to the International Darksky Association

3. Made a quarterly $300 land payment to Keith.

Observatory Director:

1. The 12" LX200 is down again. Marty is not sure where the problem is this time, probably either in the hand controller or motherboard. So for a temporary quick fix, he suggested that we put it on equatorial head. We would lose the "goto", but at least we can use it. Marty brought a dove tail mount for this, cost $138, the club approved this.

2. The path leading up the hill was widened and fresh gravel was put down on this section.

3. Anyone who wants mulch is free to take whatever they want. Have a large pile of it SW of the new dome.

4. Had a short work session before the meeting cleaning up the area to the W and SW of the new dome.

Director of Observations:

For Bob's complete observations report, please visit the Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Observations for past month:

Not much.  Sightings of Comet Neat were noted.


1. Passed out new issue of The Valley Skywatcher.

2. A suggestion was made to try to have the newsletter deal more with club or local news. The general opinion is that Earl is doing the best he can seeing how club members do not contribute much. So, everyone start sending Earl information.

All members of CVAS and the OTAA are encouraged to contribute ideas, articles, images and observation reports for possible inclusion in future issues of this monthly update and in the quarterly editions of The Valley SkyWatcher

Old Business:

1. Light Pollution - Larry Boros reported that he is still working on an article titled, "Smart People - Dumb Lighting". He wants to get this just right since he plans on hopefully distributing this to a lot of different sources. Larry reported on Russell township looking into a lighting ordinance primary due to the efforts of John Gorka.

2. Dan Rothstein reported on the meeting with the Geauga Park board on the new installation for the 25" Oberle Telescope. The main topic of discussion was talking about other equipment they plan to install at the new site, like a weather station. The next meeting is on June 28th, 7PM, at the Rookery.

3. Grants - Larry Boros is done with the CVAS Mission Statement. If anyone has any comments on this contact Larry. Larry went over a list of items that he plans on submitting to any potential donors. He wants to get this in before the Geauga Park starts going after grant money as well.

4. The Lake Metropark district asked us if we can end our meetings at Penitentiary Glen a little earlier. We made a motion to start our meetings there at 2:00PM. Dan will check with the park to see if this is OK.

5. Dan Rothstein brought in what is left of the club's library. Most of the books are old and not in the best of shape and not being used anymore. It was decided that Dan is to bring the books to the hill and anyone is free to take what they want. After a couple of months, the books that are not claimed by anyone will be discarded.

New Business:

1. Went over calendar - Added the following dates: On June 18th there is a Star Party in Nassau Station, this is a fund raiser for the Geauga Park District. On August 20th and 21st there is a Star Party at Hidden Hollow and on September 18th is the Black River OTAA convention.

2. Steve Fishman went over some e-mails he has received: Someone is giving away 20 years worth of Sky&Telescopes for free, someone else is selling a 10" LX10 for $800, a program that places international exchange students asked if anyone is interested in putting up someone (will get paid for this and the student loves astronomy), if anyone is interested in any of these items please contact Steve. Steve also reported that someone from Hiram College sent an enquiry to him about setting up a field station there. The might be a possible future project we can get involved with.

3. Went over the June 8th transit of Venus and talked about possible viewing sites.

4. Talked about CVAS upcoming OTAA convention on June 19th and what needs to be done for this. This is to start at 6PM with viewing afterwards.

  • First of all this is a pot-luck dinner, please bring a dish to share and your drinks.
  • The grass needs to cut and the weeds trimmed.
  • The day of the convention, signs need to be posted. They are located in the work shed.
  • We probably can use an extra card table or two for setting up food.
  • We need to have the grill fired up on time, hopefully it will be hot by 6PM.
  • We need to look into the paper plates, cups, napkins, etc.
  • We could use a cooler or two with ice. If someone can provide some drinks, that would be nice.



Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora