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Update November 10, 2004

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

November 2004 Edition

Meeting called to order at about 2:35. About 17 members present.

Office Reports


October minutes were read and approved.


Bank - $1,945.85, Petty Cash - $55.00, Total - $2,000.85

1. Paid $17 phone bill.

2. Paid $146 quarterly insurance.

3. Received $300 from a Minnesota ad agency for a 1979 picture of several CVAS members standing around an idle gas-powered posthole digger.

Observatory Director:

1. Not Present

Director of Observations:

Not awake yet. Sent report in. For Bob's complete observations report, please visit the Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Observations for past month:

Lunar Eclipse was main topic.


Latest issue of Skywatcher published. Another issue due soon. Editor requested input from other members.

Old Business:

1. Light Pollution - Power point presentation being made to present to Middlefield and Chardon folks on Smart People – Dumb Lighting.  This effort is being coordinated through Tom Curtin of Geauga Park District.

2. Calendar – Frontiers of Astronomy Series dates listed.
Tentative date for OTAA convention Saturday June 4 the night of our June meeting.  Tentative date for Cuyahoga at Leitha House on July 9.   Black Forest September 9 & 10.

3. Dan found scrap books of photos from the early years of CVAS. Steve Fishman will scan them in.

4. Oberle Scope – Calendar established for fund raising and construction.   Pavilion is to be a timber frame building. Driveway and parking for 75 cars will go in first.  Driveway and parking lot are planned for Spring 06.  The observatory will be built during Summer 06.  Observatory will be 24 by 24 feet with the warm room being the same size.  The tentative budget will be about $375,000 with endowments of $125,000.  Lots of money seems to be available for education of middle school girls science education.  Scope tube will be refinished in Spring 05.   Nocturnal park for observing animals at night. Geauga has a renewal levy on the ballet next year.

5. Marty obtained a tractor for cutting the grass.  Park bench in shed is now disassembled and to make room for tractor.  We will need to rebuild the observatory corner door next summer.

6. Electrical power from CEI.  We will send an e-mail out to the membership summarizing costs and ask for donations.  Looks like we will be doing this project in March or April of 05.

7. Dan finished the cradle for Denny’s 12”scope.   The mirror and diagonal need to be re-coated.  Dan would like to see this scope down by the parking lot pads.

New Business:

Dan had samples of fractured limestone from a meteor crater in Tennessee.

Date for Christmas Party December 4th at Joe’s.

President – Steve Kainec
Vice President – Dan Rothstein
Secretary – Larry Boros
Treasurer – Steve Fishman
Observatory Director – Marty Neimi
Observation Director – Bob Modic
Editor – Earl Greene

Meeting adjourned at 4:30

Russ Swaney - has a LX200 12" and wants to join the club. He was voted in.

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora