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Update November 10, 2006

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

November 2006 Edition

Meeting called to order at 7:40 PM in the Nature Education Building at the North Chagrin Resevation. 14 members and 1 guest were present. .

Officer Reports


Minutes for the October meeting are on the CVAS website.


Member dues were summarized.

$1,068.93 in Bank, Petty Cash - $21.00. Total - $1,089.93. For the month, we paid:

  • $50 phone bill.
  • $ Steve reported that he paid the new insurance policy for the next full year in the amount $388.00 using his personal credit card. A motion was made and passed to reimburse Steve monthly throughout the coming year to cover the cost of the insurance.

Observatory Director:

During the past month, Marty fixed the gap at the bottom of the observatory door at Indian Hill.

Bob Modic described the specifications of the new focuser installed recently on the 16” telescope at Indian Hill, and provided written operational instructions. This focuser can be used with a motor and hand controller, or manually. When using the focuser in manual mode it is important to make sure the drive gears are disengaged first. The instructions indicate how to do this. .

Director of Observations:

Bob read his report. For his complete observation report, please visit the Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Russ Swaney reported observing Comet Swan from Arizona on 10/26/06 after it had brightened unexpectedly from 6 th magnitude into the 4 th. Bob also reported observing Comet Swan around Halloween indicating the comet displayed a short thin tail in a small telescope, and without the tail in binoculars.


No update.

Visitors: Craig Potter from Mentor visited the meeting. He briefly described his level of interest, and expressed interest in the club’s activities. .

Old Business:

  1. Light Pollution - Larry Boros plans to attend the First Energy hearing in Columbus scheduled for 11/28/06.
  2. Bob Modic has available special pricing brochures from High Point Scientific entitling members to discounts on purchases.

New Business:

  1. Detailed discussion about our 2007 events and calendar. The following dates have been finalized since our last meeting:

    - Boy Scout visit to Indian Hill, Saturday 11/18/06, weather permitting. We need a couple of members to open up the observatory and be on hand for the visit. Bob plans to send out a confirmation to the members that afternoon.

    - Holden Arboretum Star Party, Friday 5/25/07. Vickie Ford has finalized the arrangements with Holden. We are on their calendar, with Saturday 5/26/07 being the bad weather back up date. Moon – first quarter

    - CVAS Convention, Saturday 6/16/07. Our convention will be at Indian Hill and will coincide with the new moon.
  2. Event planning in progress, and other dates of interest:

    - North Chagrin Metropark Star Party, Steve Kainec will propose Friday 6/22/07 to the park. Saturday will be the bad weather backup date. Moon – first quarter.

    - Bob Modic plans to discuss our 2007 Geauga Park District event schedule with the park representative in January 2007.
  3. Vickie has been working on a new club brochure that could be emailed to members and printed as needed. We still have a supply of the older brochures on hand.

  4. Tom Quisenberry & Ian Cooper are working on setting up a display case at the Chagrin Falls library. We have the space through the end of January 2007. They would appreciate the loan of appropriate materials and pictures to place in the display case.
  5. Tom passed around a telescope survey and asked the members to fill it out and return.
  6. Election of officers: Steve Kainec nominated Ron Baker for the position of Secretary. Nominations for the other positions were made prior to this meeting. All offices were unopposed. A motion was made to accept the nominees without a formal vote. The club officers for 2007 are: President – Tom Quisenberry, Vice President – Dan Rothstein, Observatory Director – Marty Niemi, Director of Observations – Bob Modic, Treasurer – Steve Fishman, Editor – Tom Quisenberry, and Secretary – Ron Baker

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora