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Update November 16, 2007

The Valley SkyWatcher Magazine
A Publication of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 11 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

November 2007 Edition

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm on November 5 at the Rookery. 16 members and 1 visitor were present..

Officer Reports


Minutes from the October meeting are on the CVAS website. No additions or corrections were noted by the members present .


Steve provided the following financial data:

Cash in Bank - $1,471.67, Petty Cash - $118.00, Total Cash - $1,589.67

For the month, we paid, telephone in the amount of $49.90, and electricity $4.33.

Received proceeds from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in the amount of $21.00 from the sale of bumper stickers.

Vice President:

Dan Rothstein noted the opening of the newest Geauga Park District site, Frohring Meadows, a couple miles east of Chagrin Falls. It has good horizons and would be a good site for future star parties with the Park District.

Observatory Director:

Marty was not present, but provided the following written report: " Everything at the Hill appears to be running fine. Russ has probably been the most active user of the place. Tell Danny that I did manage to get rid of a bunch of the old PCs and related junk from the shed. I also took the chart file to the dump. It had simply turned multi-story mouse condo".


Tom indicated the new edition of the Valley Skywatcher will be ready at the next meeting..


Brian, the President of the nearby Aurora Astronomical Society attended the meeting along with Rick Shaw, also of Aurora.

Old Business:

  1. Elections of officers for the next year were conducted. The following were voted in by the members present: President – Tom Quesinberry, Vice President – Dan Rothstein, Treasurer – Steve Fishman, Director of Observations – Bob Modic, Observatory Directory – Marty Niemi, and Secretary – Ron Baker . .
  2. Suggestions were made by several members regarding ways to provide opportunities at our meetings for members and visitors to engage in astronomical discussions, presentations, and exchanges. There appeared to be a consensus that the effort made by the informal astronomy discussion group last summer and fall was worthwhile. Most of the suggestions expressed at our meeting tonight favored keeping the process informal. While the club meets at the Rookery this winter these opportunities seemed to fall into a couple of categories. First, during the monthly sky calendar report near the end of the business meeting, we want to continue to encourage everyone to report results from their own observations, and also to include a time for discussion/comments/questions about current events and various astronomical topics. This opportunity for members has always been a feature of the monthly sky calendar report and tonight’s discussion about comet Holmes was especially comprehensive. In addition, we would like to provide the opportunity for our members to conduct their own presentations and/or lead discussions on a topic in which they have a particular interest, after the business meeting has ended. Ron agreed to communicate with the membership to make sure everyone is aware of these winter meeting educational opportunities

New Business:

  1. New 2008 calendar dates: CVAS OTA convention will be held at Indian Hill on Saturday 6/28/08 , and a star party at the Rookery is scheduled for 2/15/08 . See the website for details as the plans develop .

  2. After tonight’s meeting, Russ, Aaron, Bob, and Ron plan to make separate presentations with details about their own recent observations. A sampling from the presentations includes information about trends in imaging processing techniques regarding the stacking of a large number of short integrations to improve signal to noise, various imaging equipment (including DSLRs, web cams, an ambient temperature CCD, and a cooled CCD), use of filters in imaging, description of several software programs used in processing, actual images of areas in space where solar systems are being formed, actual images showing evidence of gravitational lensing, moon shots and pictures of the outer planets and their moons, high resolution images of comet Holmes, and a photometric time series and light curve analysis of a fast eclipsing binary. All images referenced above were made by the presenters, including a proto solar system image and an image showing the effect of gravitational lensing, both of which were captured by Russ..

Director of Observations:

Bob reviewed his monthly report for Nvember. For his complete observation report, please visit the Monthly Sky Calendar on our website.

Comet Holmes pretty much dominated the astronomy discussion. Just about everyone present observed the comet over the last week or so through binoculars and telescopes. Many observers took images as well, and described details such as color, structure, background stars, and changing characteristics as the comet expands. Although most of the discussion centered around comet Holmes, the subject of comets in general was discussed in detail

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora